Many congratulations to Formule ETS won the FSAE-Michigan

Many congratulations to “Formule ETS from École de technologie supérieure, in Montréal won the FSAE-Michigan, Michigan, USA (5th position / 114 teams), FSAE-North, Barrie, Ontario (1st position / 30 teams), FS-Spain, Barcelona, Spain (6th position / 75 teams) and UofT, Toronto, Ontario (1st position / 30 teams) during the 2018 season.

 Team head coach Alex particularly emphasized the bearings made by US HG TECH Corp. Here is what he said in his email to us.

 “We ran your bearing all year long and they were exceptional! Everyone was fascinated by our wheel assembly; they are obviously the lighter and the cleanest of all competitors.”

 “Your products make our car stand out from the crowd and this would be impossible without your help!”

 Hope to be a partner with you again!

Best regards,

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