From Custom Production to Mass Production

From Custom Production to Mass Production

When you select bearings suitable for your newly started project, the names such as SKF, Timken, Kaydon, etc., probably come to your mind first. However, there might be some potential hurdles you have to deal with when you try to work with them. US HGT offers unique business tactics, from custom production to mass production, to overcome the problems you face.


Here are the reasons why we can do better:


Involve in design stages: US HGT can work with you at the early design stage and find the best solution for your application. Once you finalize your design, we will produce the bearings based on the drawings designed for you. Best of all, we do this for free. We will offer our expertise in bearings for your success. A custom-engineered bearing will be the best fit for your application and get the job beautifully done for you.


Start from small orders: Most manufacturers have a high minimum order quantity to initiate your production. It might be challenging for the trial period. We are happy to support new projects and new OEM manufacturers, even with a few bearings you will order from the beginning stage. After optimization, you are delighted with your design and our bearings, and then we will do the mass production for you.


Order fulfillment: 

Most big manufacturers will not prioritize your production as we are willing to do at the early stages if needed. It takes more than two years to get your bearings in some cases. Our production cycle is usually 2-3 months if we decide to work with you. We will prioritize your production based on the time requirements to ensure you will have your bearings in time.


Experience and Quality:  Most of the time, you might be told that the companies like US HGT don’t have the scope of product, technical support, or the same quality that a prominent manufacturer can offer. That’s a flat-out lie. US HGT mainly provides kinds of bearings, such as Thin-section Bearings/Slim Bearings, Crossed Roller Bearings, Angular Contact Ball Bearing, Radial Contact Ball Bearing, Slewing Bearings, etc. We have produced a lot of bearings through the years for our customers worldwide. And we have rich experience in making custom-engineered bearings as needed. If you are not sure whether the bearings fit your application or not in the first place, we can offer our expertise to help you. You can place a small order to test out. When you are ready to place a large order, you will know exactly what you need for your application. Besides that, providing our customers with high-quality bearings is our top priority. You can always use a third party that likes SGS, etc., to check the bearing quality at our production base or visit our production base at your convenience.


Contact us: US HGT is customer-oriented. We care about your unique requirements and concerns. Please make sure you explore what we could offer for you after initiating a project. And please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 617-997-1606 if you have unique demands or questions.

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